Heart Throb Auxiliary

Raising funds for the annual cardiac camp for RCH patients

Area: Victoria-wide

The story so far

Heart Throb Auxiliary is a small special-purpose Auxiliary raising funds to provide an annual cardiac camp for children from Koala Ward who have had heart transplants, who are waiting on a transplant or who are chronically ill with cardiac conditions. Amongst the membership of our Auxiliary you’ll find parents, grandparents and friends of cardiac patients; heart transplant recipients who have lived the camp experience; Koala Ward staff who recognize the value of the camp for those in their care, and a broad range of of people committed to the camp concept.


Funding the annual cardiac camp in conjunction with Koala Ward is the primary objective of our special purpose Auxiliary. The camp in November this year will be the 22nd funded and organized by Heart Throb.


President: Amanda Carabott
Vice President: Stephanie Wilson
Secretary:  Jenny Gordon
Treasurer: Bernadette Trombetta

Contact: Jenny Gordon
Phone: 0402 695 214
: info@heart-throb.online

Website: www.heart-throb.online