Moose Enterprises supporting a vision of a pain free future
March 1 2012, 11:31 am

When toy design and development company Moose Enterprises launched their Moose Foundation they knew they were in a unique position to bring joy to children throughout the community.

Moose have partnered with The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Comfort Kids Program to help achieve their vision of a pain free care for babies, children and adolescents.

The Comfort Kids program was established at the RCH in 2004 to minimise the degree of discomfort, anxiety and distress children associate with tests and procedures they undergo in hospital.

Moose Enterprises has been an ongoing supporter of Comfort Kids. To help keep our small patients calm and happy, they have just donated a year’s supply of Smell’em Bubble Mix. The RCH Educational Play Therapy department use fun, engaging tools like bubble mix as distraction therapy while children undergo procedures.

We are proud of the success of the Comfort Kids program, and we thank Moose Enterprises for their ongoing support in helping us provide the best possible care for our young patients.   

To find out more about Educational Play Therapy at the RCH, see here.

The RCH aims to care not only for the child but for the whole family. The Foundation supports patient and family centred care by subsidising a variety of initiatives and programs that would not exist if not for generous donations. Read more here.